On November the 7th. 1963 Shirley Bassey’s second daughter Samantha was born.

1963 AB NMEBassey31stMay

1963 AR NMEBassey14thJune

1963 AD NMEBassey27thSept2

1963 W

1963 S

1963 R

1963 D (blog)

1963 CA

1963 BZ

1963 BS

1963 BI NMEBassey12thApril

1963 BF NMEBassey10thMay

1963 AS NMEBassey13thDec

1963 AM NMEBassey19thApril

1963 T

1963 BO RMBassey16thNov

1963 BJ nmebassey19thjuly1

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 447 -1963-”

  1. Excellent archive Pieter. What a busy little bee DSB was during that time. Each article was very interesting. I love the picture of DSB with Samantha, and I love how happy she was expecting her child. Thank you very, very much Pieter.

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