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A few weeks ago a BBC documentary was broadcast in the UK. about the Concorde. In 1975 Concorde used Shirley Bassey for a publicity stunt to launch their flights with the Concorde. Comments on the documentary are by Dame Joan Collins. Concorde started commercial flights in 1976. Shirley Bassey recorded her song Till Love Touches Your Life on board of the Concorde for her 1975 BBC show.

SINGING superstar Shirley Bassey travelled to Bahrain on Concorde for an amazing fleeting visit to the kingdom in the 1970s.

She was collected by a Rolls-Royce at the airport and taken to Sakhir Palace to perform and then on to Adhari pool to sing before returning to the supersonic jet for a flight back to London in time to open her show at the London Palladium.

A full BBC crew, including director Stanley Morris, accompanied her on the journey to record the visit for a special TV show highlighting the speed of the legendary aircraft.

“I remember her voice was strong and beautiful,” said Khalifa Shaheen, who was the production manager for the show in Bahrain. For the full article CLICK HERE

Below you can watch the documentary by the BBC but I moved Dame Shirley’s part a bit further towards the beginning of the video to keep it interesting for the fans. I also edited the part of the 1975 BBC show in.

The original documentary is at the bottom of this page.

In 1989 Shirley Bassey mentioned her travelling on the Concorde in an interview. Below the part of the interview about the Concorde. For the blog with that interview CLICK HERE.

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1986 B (blog)

Parade flight at Queen’s Golden Jubilee in June 2002


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  1. This is a great blog Pieter which I somehow missed here in the UK? – thanks and who else was better to launch the Concorde campaign – Terry.

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