Another beautiful album from Japan this is a 16 track album from the ‘Gold Superdisc’ series and was released in 1978.

To my knowledge this was the first album to be released from this series as the following year (1979) it was reissued twice with different sleeves.  Once again a very high quality thick card sleeve and issued with an unusual top obi which folds over the top of the sleeve.  Normally the obi is a slip with information in Japanese that slides over the sleeve but this one is in card and folded loosely over the top.  The tracks are mostly from the UA catalogue but ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’ are included which could be the Columbia recordings.  Unfortunately I am unable to confirm that as I am unable to play vinyl at the present time.  (Note to self – must rectify that quickly).  As is usual with Japanese releases there is an insert sheet with lyrics etc printed on it.

Another great release from the golden age of vinyl.

SB - Gold Superdisc (a) - Japan

SB - Gold Superdisc (a) 2 - Japan

SB - Gold Superdisc (a) 3 - Japan

Below are the scans of the two reissues of this album.  I particularly love the first one.

SB - Gold Superdis a - Japan

SB - Gold Superdis a 2 - Japan

SB - Supergold : a - Japan

SB - Supergold : a 2 - Japan

People have asked me if I have the records I post about and the answer is yes.  The scans are of the sleeves from records that are in my own collection.

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    1. I do have rather a large collection Terry and keep saying I’m going to stop buying vinyl, CDs etc but then I see one and think just get that and so it goes on!!

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