Chanson d’enfance & French article

Chanson d’enfance (Song of my childhood) from the musical ‘Aspects of Love’ is a beautiful song from the 1993 album “Shirley Bassey sings the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber” and is partly sung in French and in English.


Pas de tendresse
No tenderness
Et pas de joie
And no joy
Loin d’ici
Far from here
Loin de toi
Far from you
Rien de plus triste
Nothing is sadder
Que mes soupirs
Let my sigh
Lorsque vient le jour
When the day comes
Où il me faut partir
Where I must go
Chanson d’enfance
Song of my childhood
Tu vis toujours dans mon cœur
You l’ve forever in my heart
Toi, la plus douce!
You’re the sweetest
Toi, la plus tendre!
You’re the most tender !
What could be sweeter?
Nothing is sweeter
What could be sweeter?
Nothing is sweeter

The official video from “With one look” from the album.


Translation (by Ed)



Shirley Bassey is the voice of “Golfinger” one of the many great James Bond movies. In September the singer is doing a tour of Great Britain: London, Glasgow, Blackpool and of course Cardiff where her family always has the first ten rows.

She was not born looking like she just came back from the hairdresser and possesses more than a hundred hats.
She was born in Cardiff, a Nigerian father and a Welsh mother, and she lives in Monte Carlo. In this magical place she decided to put her bag after two marriages, which have in turn trained in Lugano and Marbella. Solitude sun facing the sea. Alone but rebel at learning the French language. She has tried. One day, she ventured to say “a pea” instead of “a little bit.” Everyone laughed and she did it again. It is the symbolic and sensual voice of three of the most famous James Bond films “Goldfinger”, “Moonraker” and “Diamonds for Ever”. Once again, for the gala of the Legion of Honour at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club, she thrilled the spectators with her rubato, its syncopation and its range hoarse. A beautiful singer dressed in black veils and gold glitter. A fire on stage. And at the end of the show, the roses never ended up, flying over her feet. The Queen of England decorated Shirley Bassey ribbon of Order of the British Empire. That day, the singer was wearing a black dress, strict, enlivened with a feathered hat, also black. She is preparing a tour in Great Britain for the month of September. It will be London, Glasgow, Blackpool and of course Cardiff, the capital of Wales, where her family is every time in all the seats of the first ten rows. Then a diva discusses her childhood.

(Article by Laetitia d’Ornano. Photo Henry Leutwyler/Madame Figaro)
Special thanks to Audrey for the article

Shirley received a silver disc for the album from Michael Ball

4 thoughts on “Chanson d’enfance & French article”

  1. Was never enthousiastic about this whole concept… sorry to say… One way or other some songs were not suiteable for Shirley. Still, this album contains Lloyd Webbers’ 2 best theatrical songs ever: With One Look and As If We Never Said Goodbye.
    Only the live versions of these songs sung by Shirley are superb, for they were specially written for the stage within Sunset Boulevard!

    And we admirers know: Bassey can act a song and make it one helluva performance!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I loved her rendition of ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, and of course she first recorded ‘Argentina’ way back in 1979. I remember her wonderful ‘Day by Day’ live on tour, in the mid seventies–but that is not Lloyd Webber! Some of the tracks did not work, some did.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed this very much. I love the album cover with her natural hair, beautiful smile, and lovely sequined dress. All the pictures, lovely. I never heard that Aspects of Love song. This is the album I have been telling myself to purchase. Thanks Pieter for your efforts in our behalf. Always appreciated.

    Liked by 2 people

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