Queen On A Throne!


This picture was included in the cover of the 1971 album “Something else” and it was also issued as a huge poster that you could find in a lot of stores during the seventies. In those day posters were very popular.
Shirley included the throne scene in her performance from 1972 at the Talk of the town. Here you see some great black and white photo’s from a concert she did in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 1973.
(From Rien’s collection)



Shirley Bassey starts her tour in Düsseldorf:

A full house, the Rheinhalle in Düsseldorf on Monday night the 19th. of March 1973 and an ovation that lasted for a few minutes.
Opening night for the British show star SHIRLEY BASSEY. “The tigress from Wales” had the audience eating out of her hand.

She is  not doing just a show, she is the show and has it in the tips of her red fingernails.
To hear a roaring voice is already a treat which can only be overruled by seeing the dark-skinned and sexy performer live in action.
She makes music with her body and she does it so perfectly that you are asking yourself what the 18 piece orchestra is doing behind her. On the other hand the star and the orchestra are so tuned in that it looks like they have always been performing together.
“Bassey the best” understands what it means to ‘sell’ her music.
Sentimental songs like “Something” from George Harrison and “This is my life”, she performs them in a very expressive way.
And she explodes formally when she does Big Band-songs.

She plays with all the temperament and sex her voice has to offer and overwhelms her opening night-audience until they begged for more. She did the whole concert in one go and it got to a certain point where she violated her microphone so much that it gave up.
That was not a problem for the Welsh singer. She told the orchestra to tone down the sound and she continued without a microphone under a loud applause.

8 thoughts on “Queen On A Throne!”

  1. 1971 l’année où je l’ai rencontré et depuis cette rencontre est restée gravée à jamais dans mon esprit et dans mon coeur . Shirley pour l’éternité … I love you

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