The year 1979 was a very significant year for Shirley Bassey with a lot of things happening in her artistic and private life. There was the recording of the 6 BBC tv. shows, the birth of her first grandson Luke, a world tour and she played Broadway for the first time that year and was there for two weeks. The sad thing that year was her divorce from her second husband Sergio after a marriage that lasted almost 11 years. Shirley decided to move to California after the divorce. Below some newspaper articles about the divorce. Also below a clip from one of the 1979 BBC. shows Shirley performing Almost Like Being In Love. The songs she sang so beautiful at the Sir Bruce Forsyth tribute a few weeks ago at the London Palladium.

1979 Z

1979 AA

1979 AB

1979 AI

1979 AJ

1979 AX

1979 BI

1979 F

1979 D

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DSB19790929 Radio Times p03

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 463 -1979-”

  1. …. And Sergio also meant: A real management!
    And that is what, for example, Shirley’s recording career lacks in later years… since the late 80’ties she did not have a real creative team around her anymore. Not a real production team to be noticed; one that pampered and cared for her talent and artistry and was determined to make the best result out of this..
    I often think that she could have been been much more important in the international recording business if the right people were around her then… People who were genuinely interested in mixing great talent with creativity!

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