Run On And On

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The song “Run on and on” on the 1975 album “Good, bad but beautiful” was written especially for Shirley by Mercia Love from Johannesburg.
Below a newspaper article about her and how she came to write this song for Shirley Bassey. (From Rien’s collection)
Unfortunately this song was never performed live but you can listen to the studio version here.

Looking at the songs on this album I realized that Shirley sang many of the songs from this album at concerts and in TV-shows.
Below you can find all the titles that are on YouTube.

(Click to enlarge)


Send in the clowns

Good Bad But Beautiful


The Way We Were

I’ll Be Your Audience

Feel Like Making Love

All In Love Is Fair

Run On And On

The Other Side Of Me



4 thoughts on “Run On And On”

  1. A truly magnificent album this is!
    With superb photo shoots by Richard Avadon!
    Only sad thing is that “Living” is on it: one of the worst songs Bassey ever recorded; over-produced we call this: too much ado about A nothing song. Bassey sounds hysterical…
    It was released as a single during Christmas time, mind you.. my God..
    “Jesse” brought tears to my eyes, though!

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  2. Thank you so much Pieter. This was the first album my faher brought home. I love this album very, very much. The song Good, Bad but Beautiful really struck a chord within me at that time. DSB’s voice amazing on this album. I wonder if Ms. Love finally mett DSB. Thanks Pieter for going through so much effort for us.

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  3. Thank you for showing us a part of the ups and downs of life of this fenominal singer. That’s what life is, that’s ‘living’ , by the way a great song written by Gilbert Becaud.

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