DSB At Rose Ball Monte Carlo 2018

Dame Shirley put on an age-defying display on Saturday as she made an appearance at the ball in an eye-catching fluffy pink jacket, reports The Daily Mail.

The Welsh powerhouse stunned in a sparkling star-studded gown which she accessorised with a pair of silver earrings.

Bassey added to her glam ensemble with a swipe of shimmering eye-shadow and a red lip.

Princess Grace of Monaco created the Rose Ball in 1954 which is organised every year by the Monte-Carlo SBM group.

The event is held in the prestigious Salle des Etoiles restaurant in the Sporting Monte-Carlo.

Currently presided by Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline of Hanover, the Rose Ball is a symbol of glamour.

It brings together the elite and international high society from across the globe and the proceeds of the charity event go to the The Princess Grace Foundation.

5 thoughts on “DSB At Rose Ball Monte Carlo 2018”

  1. Never cease to amaze us admirers: how simply gorgeous she looks at this stage of life. Her beauty secrets look so very natural unlike so many women much younger than her.
    She seems relaxed and happy and so she must be, considering how much joy she gave us in our yesterdays, gives us in our todays and will give us in our tomorrows by means of that very special Bassey Magic!

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  2. She is so beautiful. However, in the latest images of her we see less and less of her gorgeous caramel colouring. To my eyes she has become more pale than natural, perhaps just make-up and lighting.

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