This 16 track compilation was issued on the Liberty label in Japan in 1981.  All of the tracks are from her United Artists recordings but two of them are ‘live’ as the studio recordings of the songs are from her Columbia days.

Although the album is called ‘Greatest Hits’ not all the tracks were hits for her.  The big ones are certainly there i.e. ‘Something’, ‘Never, Never, Never’ and ‘For All We Know’ but it also includes such songs as ‘Feelings’ and ‘Send In The Clowns’.  ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ is included as that song was a big hit for her in Japan.  The one track that stands out and makes this album special for me is the original UK single release recording of ‘This Is My Life’ in stereo.  I hadn’t played vinyl for a while as I had nothing to play them on but I bought a record deck and played this record out of curiosity.  I was astounded when I heard the track and have to say the quality is terrific.  I’ve always loved that version (it’s similar to the Italian ‘La Vita’ version) and although I had got it on an LP from America I feel this is better quality.

The photo on the front of the album is taken from the session for the UA album ‘The Magic Is You’.  There are three colour concert photos on the back which may have been taken at her 1977 Japanese concert.

SB - Greatest Hits - Japan

SB - Greatest Hits 2 - Japan

SB - Greatest Hits 3 - Japan 1

SB - Greatest Hits 4 - Japan 1

SB - Greatest Hits 5 - Japan 1

Below is the track ‘This Is My Life’ which I have taken from this album.  Hard to believe that this recording is actually 50 years old this year.

4 thoughts on “RECORD SLEEVES FROM THE PAST – 25”

  1. The sound quality of both live recordings of her Japanese concerts is much more polished than the one that was recorded in the same period at Carnegie Hall in New York.
    I prefer nevertheless the UA recording. It sounds more raw and authentic. I can taste more soul in the groove of this recording.

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  2. Thank you David. You are right that recording sounds spectacular. What a beautiful album cover. DSB looks very lovely and appreciative of the adoration and flowers from her fans. Thank you again David.


  3. Shirley Bassey belongs to me .
    I know it and you know it now!

    Magnificent Diva without equal. Came from nothing and wowed the world.
    We are both English which gives me first right to make her mine …..ALL MINE !

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  4. As for this special and rare version of This Is My Life, I really don’t know what to think of it.
    For my taste the arrangement is much too slow, too lazy. The notes far too out-stretched that therefore it misses drama.
    In later years this song in a better studio version became an anthem. Whenever DSB sang it live the song became a statement: it was sung so directly towards you that it knocked you out for a while.


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