Moonraker Is Forever!

“There are no two ways about it: Shirley Bassey is the voice of the Bond themes, and even her weakest contribution ranks among the series’ most essential tracks. Stepping in for a frustrated Johnny Mathis mere weeks before the film was due for release, the chanteuse reminded the world that she was one of the only Earthlings who could croon a nonsense word like “Moonraker” and make it sound downright glorious. Listen, you try taking a mess of typically distressed Bond lyrics (“Where are you? When will we meet? Take my unfinished life and make it complete”) and imbuing them with sense of life or death. Not so easy, is it?” Rolling Stone

Below this recent video edit features footage from a 2006 live performance with the vocals changed to those used in film’s opening titles:

And then this delightful classic video shows off the more upbeat disco version that played as the end titles rolled on James Bond’s eleventh movie:

Recently a BBC Radio 4 play of Moonraker was broadcast. While this has stirred up some new interest in the film to the delight of Bond fans, we at The Bassey Blog were shaken to discover that The Dame’s vocals have not been used!

For more on Moonraker, see this earlier blog, which also features Debra’s in-depth showcase:

2005, DSB Performs Moonraker as part of the Bond Medley on Another Auduence with Dame Shirley Bassey:

2 thoughts on “Moonraker Is Forever!”

  1. Indeed the song itself is very strong. The verse and melody are fantastic. It could have been a smash hit, A true classic, if there was no Moonraker, whatsoever, involved with it.
    However it gave us a third 007 song…. which occasion made history!

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