The flamboyant, slippery French Canadian antiques dealer Beau was often pictured with Dame Shirley in later years at various events, however he was viewed with suspicion among Bassey fans and appears to have been absent in recent years.

1981 G

1981 L

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1981 S

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3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 465 -1981-”

  1. Who are we to judge the partner Shirley Bassey chooses to spend her time with, anyway?

    But of course we all have our short-sighted opinion about the appearance of Bodouin Mills. I personally find that he looks too cheap “dandy-ish”, not stylish at all. More the impression of a faded Hollywood personna.
    Once upon a time he developed himself as a amateur manager of Bassey. But not really one with gusto. Always in for the quick gigs for the most money. He “did” her record-deals and part of her concerts during the 80’s and part of the 90’ties.

    But he must have been good for her, after all. She put her trust in him and felt comfortable with him. And so be it.

    I always find the late Prady Balan the most charming escort Shirley Bassey ever had. Unfortunately he never became more than a good friend to her, or so it seemed. He was her equal, did not need her reputation. Had a succesful business of his own. So he was not intimitated by her presence.

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  2. he’s obviously gay which is why she laughed at questions about them marrying
    but they seemed good friends and maybe it was a good comprimise for her to have a man’s company without the marriage or the pressure of 0n/off romance
    She talked about him a lot in the BBC documentary about 10 years ago as her best friend
    Then suddenly he was nowhere to be seen
    bit sad really but who’s to know what went wrong – friendships aren’t easy at the best of times and putting massive fame like hers in the mix must make trusting people very hard

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  3. I was wondering what happened between Mr. Mills and DSB that ruptured their relationship. He seemed like a nice gentleman, but temperament wise I think friendship was best. On the This is your life Shirley almost took a whack at him when the interviewer asked what was the secret to their long term relationship. Mr. Mills replied “growing older together” which didn’t sit well with her. DSB took it as an insult and got up from her chair and ltook a swing at him. LOL!!! I really think DSB and Sergio were a great pair. Enjoyed all the articles and pictures Pieter. Thanks a lot.

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