Shirley is ‘Forever’

It’s not very often that there are any CD releases these days. Certainly nothing with new recordings and usually CDs that contain tracks that have been released many times over. Several weeks ago I saw that a 3CD set was to be released on 20th April called ‘Forever’. I noted it was on the label Factory Of Sounds which is based in Holland and pre-ordered it hoping to get it not too long after it’s release. I buy all CDs that are released of Shirley’s and I didn’t take much notice of what tracks would be on it. I did know there would be 75 tracks in all and that it would be a mixture of recordings from the Philips and Columbia labels along with the complete UA album ‘Never, Never, Never’. I then read that there would be 2 tracks that have been taken from TV recordings.

SB - Forever

The set arrived this weekend and I am rather pleased with it. Yes there are tracks I could do without – the ‘Café De Paris’ 5 track EP for instance. It has never been an EP I’ve really liked. and usually skip those songs. I do love that they have used the original UK single release of ‘Reach For The Stars’ which in my opinion is far superior to the stereo version they’ve always used on various albums etc. Songs such as ‘Tonight’, ‘Ave Maria’, ‘Far Away’ and ‘My Faith’ are great additions along with ‘Let’s Start All Over Again’ and ‘Above All Others’. The quality of the CDs is excellent and I have to say I’m really pleased with it.

The TV recordings are at the end of CD 3. Track 21 is actually a 2 song medley and the ‘As I Love You’ which has been taken from the 1961 Bing Crosby Christmas Show and was recorded in England. You hear Bing introduce her and then she sings ‘Luck Day’ / ‘I’m Shooting High’ medley followed by ‘As I Love You’. I was familiar with these as I have the show on DVD. Track 22 though is completely new to me. Taken from ‘The Garry Moore Show’ which was aired December 4th 1962 Shirley sings ‘As Long As He Needs Me’. I have never heard of this show before and have not seen any recording or clip of it. This is completely new to me.

Overall I’m really happy with this release and it’s a great addition to my collection. Below is the full track listing of the set.


I’ve added the two TV recordings for you to hear:

CD3 Track 21:

CD3 Track 22:

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