Dame Shirley has donated a signed pair of high heels to Cornwall Pride

As reported by Cornwall Live, Dame Shirley Bassey has donated a pair of her high heel shoes to raise funds for this year’s Cornwall Pride parade.

A host of celebrities have donated items for an auction. DSB’s is the most sought-after lot, signed by the Goldfinger diva herself, with provenance of her ownership.

Sir Elton John also sent a package of merchandise and Dame Helen Mirren has promised too. A pair of tickets to see Take That star Sir Gary Barlow at the Eden Sessions is also up for grabs when the lots are auctioned at a gala dinner.

The Cornwall Pride parade takes place in Newquay. The community interest company, whose patron is Queen drummer Roger Taylor, works with LGBT groups throughout the county to highlight acceptance and tolerance, and celebrate equality and diversity.


The flamboyant, slippery French Canadian antiques dealer Beau was often pictured with Dame Shirley in later years at various events, however he was viewed with suspicion among Bassey fans and appears to have been absent in recent years.

1981 G

1981 L

1981 R

1981 S

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Moonraker Is Forever!

“There are no two ways about it: Shirley Bassey is the voice of the Bond themes, and even her weakest contribution ranks among the series’ most essential tracks. Stepping in for a frustrated Johnny Mathis mere weeks before the film was due for release, the chanteuse reminded the world that she was one of the only Earthlings who could croon a nonsense word like “Moonraker” and make it sound downright glorious. Listen, you try taking a mess of typically distressed Bond lyrics (“Where are you? When will we meet? Take my unfinished life and make it complete”) and imbuing them with sense of life or death. Not so easy, is it?” Rolling Stone

Below this recent video edit features footage from a 2006 live performance with the vocals changed to those used in film’s opening titles:

And then this delightful classic video shows off the more upbeat disco version that played as the end titles rolled on James Bond’s eleventh movie:

Recently a BBC Radio 4 play of Moonraker was broadcast. While this has stirred up some new interest in the film to the delight of Bond fans, we at The Bassey Blog were shaken to discover that The Dame’s vocals have not been used!

For more on Moonraker, see this earlier blog, which also features Debra’s in-depth showcase:

2005, DSB Performs Moonraker as part of the Bond Medley on Another Auduence with Dame Shirley Bassey:


This 16 track compilation was issued on the Liberty label in Japan in 1981.  All of the tracks are from her United Artists recordings but two of them are ‘live’ as the studio recordings of the songs are from her Columbia days.

Although the album is called ‘Greatest Hits’ not all the tracks were hits for her.  The big ones are certainly there i.e. ‘Something’, ‘Never, Never, Never’ and ‘For All We Know’ but it also includes such songs as ‘Feelings’ and ‘Send In The Clowns’.  ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ is included as that song was a big hit for her in Japan.  The one track that stands out and makes this album special for me is the original UK single release recording of ‘This Is My Life’ in stereo.  I hadn’t played vinyl for a while as I had nothing to play them on but I bought a record deck and played this record out of curiosity.  I was astounded when I heard the track and have to say the quality is terrific.  I’ve always loved that version (it’s similar to the Italian ‘La Vita’ version) and although I had got it on an LP from America I feel this is better quality.

The photo on the front of the album is taken from the session for the UA album ‘The Magic Is You’.  There are three colour concert photos on the back which may have been taken at her 1977 Japanese concert.

SB - Greatest Hits - Japan

SB - Greatest Hits 2 - Japan

SB - Greatest Hits 3 - Japan 1

SB - Greatest Hits 4 - Japan 1

SB - Greatest Hits 5 - Japan 1

Below is the track ‘This Is My Life’ which I have taken from this album.  Hard to believe that this recording is actually 50 years old this year.