A Special Lady Meets The Press

Shirley Bassey arriving at Heathrow airport and meeting the press after a tour in Germany in October 1985.

Another meeting with the press from 1982 on the roof of the Dorchester hotel in London.

Shirley returned to London to record her singing special “A special Lady” for ITV. She was living in Los Angeles at the time.

The special was later released on DVD.

The DVD is still for sale and if you like to order a copy CLICK HERE

Inlay of the DVD “A special Lady” with tracklist

4 thoughts on “A Special Lady Meets The Press”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed this post very much. What an entrance she makes in that video. All the effort she puts into exercising over the years has been a benefit to her personally and of course professionally. She looks really very, very pretty in the pictures with her umbrella. What a DIVA and personality.

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  2. Shirley looked more petite than ever in this photo shoot… due to recovering from illness…
    One main thing that marks her career is DISCIPLINE… Always stayed serious towards her career, although life was sometimes harsh.
    That even in her later years as a performer she always stayed close to that very true artist she is, so unlike, for instance, Liza, who lacked discipline and once upon a time was so fantastic with that incredible talent of hers. In later years she changed into a pathetic icon who cannot sing a straight note anymore.

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