Programme -1990-

Today a proramme from Theatre Restaurant Bredbury.






Scan_20170228 (62)

4 thoughts on “Programme -1990-”

  1. I can only assume that Shirley’s management at the time signed her up to a number of these gigs at the time – this one, Manchester and IIRC Blazers nightclub. If you look through the programme all the same faces are in there (Stu Francis etc). Not the sort of gig I would have thought she should’ve been doing – late 1950’s early 1960’s maybe but not at this stage in her career. Just my opinion but a poor choice by her management.

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    1. Indeed, just an easy gig for big money. Nothing more. When both parties are satisfied with the situation this is an OK thing.
      The same with invitations to perform at private parties, which Bassey did frequently in the 80’s and 90’s.
      But fortunately she did in that period quite a number of charity events, even in Holland. Like for The Red Cross and Doctors Without Frontiers.

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