I have been buying records, CDs etc by Shirley now for longer then I care to remember and I still come across the odd release I’ve never seen before.  Recently I came across an album I’d never seen before.  I was looking on the German Amazon site and looking at Bassey CDs and vinyl and came across it.  They had the one copy for sale from a private seller and so I bought it.

This is a 2 disc set from Italy released on the EMI Columbia label in the ‘Club 21’ series.  There is no date for what year it was released in on either the sleeve or the record labels.  It is a 24 track compilation set and all the recordings are from her time at Columbia.  Included are the songs ‘Goldfinger’, ‘What Now My Love’, ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’ as well as ‘Gone’, ‘Till’ and ‘What Kind Of Fool Am I’.  Quite a nice selection altogether.

It’s certainly worth my while keeping my eyes peeled for different LPs.  I’ve seen one on a Turkish auction website but unable to work out how to be able to bid on it.  Maybe one day I’ll get it!!

This album though is a great addition to my collection.

SB - Club 21 - Italy

SB - Club 21 : 2 - Italy


5 thoughts on “RECORD SLEEVES FROM THE PAST – 26”

    1. I do have a very large collection of vinyl albums, singles, cassettes and Cds by Shirley. I’ve been collecting many years and still buy items when I see them and if they are in good condition.

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  1. From The late 1950’s all of my Dame Shirley VYNL L.P COVERS are ALL in the SAME condition as when I Bought them, to me the EXCITEMENT of a New Release by BASSEY was ALWAYS THE COVER, as well as the RECORD .What was her FROCK going to look like , What Colour , Her Hair , Her High Heel Shoes,
    Every one is in a PROTECTIVE Cover Sleeve to PROTECT THE CORNERS Etc She is not only THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD , But also her GLAMOUR 2nd to no one when performing her STAGE PERFORMANCES , A SUPERSTAR & there AIN’T many of them .Dennis [ Jersey Channel Islands }


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