Shirley Bassey at the premiere of a Liza Minnelli movie (Arthur 2)


Shirley Bassey and Liza Minnelli


3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 471 -1988-”

  1. What A fantastic talent Miss Liza Minnelli once was!

    Her live performances during the 70’s and 80’s became legendary. She stood for pure entertainment in that period.
    And what a shame there is not much left of that talent anymore and it really IS decades ago since she outshines herself.
    She became a kind of caricature of herself. Pathetic.
    She cannot sing a proper note anymore. Alas, her stardom lingers on. She still is a legend in her leaque although her outstanding artistic career lasted not very long.
    What Liza lacked during her career was discipline. So Mother, so Daughter, you could say.
    And discipline is one of the main ingredients that made Dame Shirley Bassey’s star status
    even nowadays truly worthy!

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