DSB on London Tonight -1993-

Continuing the theme of the last Video Showcase I found this video of another interview from the same time.

Dame Shirley speaks about her 40th. anniversary and the album ‘Shirley Bassey sings the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber’. Also three newspaper clips from 1993. Shirley did a lot of promotion for this album.

Shirley arrives at the ITV studio 

 She was made a Dame 7 years later!

Happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “DSB on London Tonight -1993-”

  1. Pieter, Many thanks for this FANTASTIC Video of 40 years in showbusiness of Dame Shirley , now of course in OVER 60 YEARS in Showbusiness , She says there is not many left in the business as regards GLAMOUR , that was 26 YEARS AGO.
    . Today, I would say there is ONLY DAME SHIRLEY LEFT, as regards Glamour , just look around you, Unsightly Tattoos, Jeans with NO KNEES , Today no one seems to know what a COMBE is , Walking BIRDS NESTS as regards HAIRSTYLES ,. I may be HARSH , not everyone of course is the same ,
    but to me they are far & few between ,Last week I was 79 on the 7th of January . & of course our BEAUTIFUL DAME SHIRLEY was 82 , we were Teenagers together in the late 1950’S , I am bound to get some
    unsavoury comments back , because of my comment to you , & the Blog.,
    , Dennis Jersey C.I

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  2. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed the articles and the lovely video. DSB looked gorgeous and I agree bring back the glamour. I have the Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber album and I really love it. DSB and all involved did a superb job.

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