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For this blog a wonderful radio programme from 2009. What a year it was with a wonderful new album The Performance and the Roundhouse Concert.

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5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 432 -2009-”

  1. For sure one of the all time best productions Dame Shirley Bassey ever made in her long outstanding career. For me artistically her best ever.
    This production was thought-through, produced with pure admiration and great love for the artist. It let hear an other sound of voice, a different use of talent. A very daring production and the result so worth the effort! Salute!

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  2. Great!! For me one of her most best albums ever!
    This album I play very often and I agree with Eric!
    Thanks for this nice Blog Pieter!

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  3. Pieter, it’s 5 AM , like Dame Shirley, I’m not a MORNING Pei’son {Person] THIS ARCHIVE is 100% the best ARCHIVE EVER , . & over the YEARS you have given us so many FANTASTIC ARCHIVES ,
    ,I will be back 100% THANK YOU

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  4. 2009 was a difficult year for me personally. DSB’s “The Performance” carried me through it. So fortuitous for me that she made a recording that was released THAT year. Just another reason I will always love her.

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