Programme 2006

2006 a (blog)

Today the tour programme from the 2006 tour which was a very special tour because it was the last one. At the time we did not know but one of Dame Shirley’s sisters told to the newspapers that it was but Dame Shirley herself denied it would be her last tour. 



4 and 5

6 and 7



10 and 11

12 and 13








3 thoughts on “Programme 2006”

  1. We never knew why she decided to stop tours and concerts, but at this tour I noted that DSB did less numbers and no encores,yet her voice sounded fine, maybe it was back or legs aching, who knows! The beautiful canary yellow gown and chiffon cape were made for this tour, Shirley gave me a feather off it saying ‘I look like a bloody canary’!! We got one last concert in 2009 to showcase The Performance album, then no more. God bless DSB!! GownGuru.

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  2. Beautiful programme Pieter. I wonder if DSB was a little angry at her sister hating so much to the reporters. I heard there was a rift between her and some family. I love the beautiful pictures and enjoy the ones when she was very young and the lovely styles. Thanks☺

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  3. This program bookled is so very special and a like to many beautiful and special pictures in it. With love I think back to the many beautiful concerts of Shirley that I visited in the past, they were highlights in my life. Although we would love to have Shirley give concerts, we also understand that everything comes to an end. With love and especially respect, I think back to what Dame Shirley gave us during her great concerts. ….. And fortunately we can occasionally enjoy a small performance that Shirley gives. Thank you Pieter for this beautiful Blog.

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