The year 2014 saw the release of Dame Shirley Bassey’s last and what seems her final album/CD Hello Like Before. Although the voice sounded as good as ever the album was not a big success according to Dame Shirley Bassey due to bad mixing. The album was released both on CD and on Vinyl. The vinyl album contained very beautiful photographs of the Dame.12

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5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 437 -2014-”

  1. Too much is said about this special recording. All in all, not a very satisfying one. Not only for bad producers’ work, but also for the very choice of songs.
    The nice pics and comment of Dame Shirley do the album itself no justice.
    Best tracks for me are I’m Still Here (though not sung with the original lyrics) and It Was A Very Good Year.
    MacArthur Park sounds of course hysterical and over-produced. And the wonderful Wild Is The Wind was killed by over pronounciation of the word Willlllllllljjjjjddd.

    Come to think of: almost the same as when Dame Shirley sings a song with “New York” in it. Not one singer would then sing: Njjjew York. She is the ONLY singer who does that…
    Njjjew York, Njjjew York. Njjjew York State Of Mind. Arthur’s Theme (When You Get Lost Between The Moon and Njjjew York City)


  2. “The Performance” from 2009 a perfectly great Shirley Bassey album, sang great songs strong and true without histrionics, didn’t happen in 2014 with “Hello Like Before” making no comparison between the two…

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  3. I like many of the tracks, it was just not mixed very well! This is What You Are and Hello Like Before, We Got Music, are the three best tracks. There was no need to do Goldfinger again(was re-recorded on ‘Movies’ album in 1995) or Hey Jude. I think Dame Shirley has the perfect voice now, in the low register, to do a Jazz album, as her final offering, with just a rhythmn section and piano—but she would take some persuading!!

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  4. When I first heard this album, I was shocked and thought that this was a rough, un-mixed recording! Very unfortunate and a disappointment because it sounds like Dame Shirley is singing in a box! The arrangements are beautiful as well as the music choice but it sounds like orchestra and voice are not sufficiently aligned. A remix with more echo on her voice and more emphasis on the orchestra would have been better in my opinion! I still remember that Shirley was also disappointed with the mix of the song “Nobody does it like Me” from the album of the same name. Now she is disappointed again and I fully understand that! One very positive thing!!!!……. the photographs are FANTASTIC!!

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