Interview USA -1990-

For today we have an interview for you from American TV from 1990 with Dame Shirley Bassey where she speaks about her new album at the time Keep The Music Playing and her tour through the USA. It is from a local New York TV. channel and I think most of you haven’t seen this interview before. It was kindly sent to us by Audrey from her sister Jean’s collection. As a little extra we have added a clip of How Do You Keep The Music Playing recorded at Carnegie Hall

Also a newspaper from Monaco from that same year with the translation below. It is a very nice interview although the French journalist wrote down ‘Kiss me honey, honey kiss me’ as ‘Kiss me money, money’. (maybe a good title for a new song?) Anyway I would like to thank Audrey very much for these great items and I hope you all enjoy this interview.

The ultimate weapon!
The voice of Shirley Bassey conquered the Monte Carlo Sporting Club.

After “bomb” Tina Turner, the lion claws all out, here’s a star cat from heaven: insinuating, charming, irresistible. Two incomparable artists who have dominated the summer with their fiery temperament.

Shirley Bassey conquered the public of the Monte Carlo Sporting Club with infinite elegance. Mimicry of star games scene worthy of a great actress. And, above all, a voice that carries everything in its wake. If Shirley has learned all the lessons of Broadway, she was able to add a large pinch of humour. She plays the comedy (very good) and she has the good taste to know that all this is really serious.


It is cinema! As stated in its first “tube” the smashing success of the original “Goldfinger”. But this means “Bond” all in sequins and rhinestones, cooing, playing divas enamored with consummate skill, being conquered in the audience kindly murderous glances, has the ultimate weapon: her voice! A beautiful volume, a range has to fade, envy, a soprano, a vibrant and stamp, for thirty years she sings, not a scratch, not a flaw! The jet has lost none of its power.

Full of power and finesse, Shirley! As convincing in pianissimi lace only in fortissimi in C major. “When You smile”, “New York, New York”, “Something” driver for the room.


Love, humour, glamour. The romantic drama to comedy music. Poignantly in “I Am What I Am”, or “This is my life”. Infinitely funny “Kiss honey, honey kiss me me” or “Big spender”. The room cheering her with a standing ovation. They kiss her. And for the finale, she envelops the entire audience in a huge coat scene.

The voice of the twenty-eight gold records, sings one last time tonight at the Hall of Stars.

2 thoughts on “Interview USA -1990-”

  1. ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’ was a great song for Shirley, I remember when she premiered it on The Bruce Forsyth show, in England, it brought the house down, and a standing ovation. I believe the Carnegie Hall excerpt to be 1992, the first year of the black tassle gown. The album has some great interpretations on it, but was let down by having no orchestra.

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  2. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed this very much. What a great critique. The lady who interviewed DEB (Denise Richardson) is still active in broadcasting and charitable events. I see her regularly on our Public Broadcasting channel. I love how honest DSB is. Thank you Audrey and Pieter.


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