Divas Are Forever -DVD-


Today a review of the DVD that was released in 1998 Divas Are Forever. Recorded live at The Antwerp Sportpaleis in November 1997 in honour of the Diamonds Awards Festival there. Antwerp being the capital Diamond City in the world. The DVD contains the concert and loads of backstage footage.

If you want to order a copy of the DVD from Amazon CLICK HERE

There is also a Korean version of this DVD which contains the whole concert without interruptions (but with subtitles) and a little more footage then the European version.1998 I

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One thought on “Divas Are Forever -DVD-”

  1. Thanks Pieter. I enjoyed this insightful, fun and. Very entertaining video very much. You really get to see DSB in different settings that give us a better grasp of the funny, hard working, but mysterious lady DSB is. I feel her pain when she talks of the media’s always emphasizing the circumstances around the death of Samantha. Her concert performance was outstanding and she looked absolutely gorgeous throughout this video which to me is one of the best. You have outdone yourself Pieter. Thank you🎤🐦☺


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