Programme 1966 -Playbill Prince of Wales Theatre-

Today a programme from the Prince of Wales Theatre from 1966 with special thanks to Susan!






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3 thoughts on “Programme 1966 -Playbill Prince of Wales Theatre-”

  1. 1967, That First Single DON’T TAKE THE LOVERS FROM THE WORLD, from U/A , The intro, alone was spine tingling for me , but when SHIRLEY began to sing THOSE LYRICS to that Pulsating BEAT,
    I was as they say today, Blown away, “WOW”, Over the Moon, which of course I ALWAYS was with Dame Shirley’s Voice, & Talent similar to the Intro of
    WHAT NOW MY LOVE 1962, I still have the publicity Sheet of DON’T
    TAKE THE LOVERS Single , at that Time 1967, I was only a Kitchen Porter Working in JERSEY, & I kept it stuck on the wall over the KITCHEN SINK so I could just keep looking at SHIRLEY while I played it , Over looking the Sea , at CORBIERE LIGHTHOUSE, I also had the same experience , over looking THE SEA in Jersey in 1964 , when Shirley had Another FANTASTIC single “GONE” released, it was on the
    JUKE BOX , where in those days , it cost me a SHILLING each time I played it , GREAT MEMORIES for me Pieter & ALL GREAT SINGLES,

    I guess my comments are far to long ,but when it comes to BASSEY,

    Amen .I won’t Apologize, for 62 years of Bassey, IT IS THE BASSEY BLOG,

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  2. In addition to being a great singer, you can read here that Dame Shirley is also an exceptionally hard worker! Enormous what a tour programs and so many global performances !!! Never heard of Shirley Bassey’s BBC show, “The Sounds of Shirley Bassey” ???? Someone else is ???? Thank you Pieter and Susan we were allowed to take a look in this Prince of Wales Program booklet, very special, all the more because Kenneth Hume is still very much in the picture here. And thanks to Dennis for your great story. Please write a book about Shirley Bassey in your life !!!

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