1955 B

One thought on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 443 -1955-”

  1. FABULOUS Archive Pieter , I was coming up to 16 , 7th of January 1956
    As Shirley was going to be 19 on the 8th of January , & what a long Journey we have BOTH travelled since our early TEENAGE years.
    63 YEARS ago,
    I have been lucky enough to have had her in my life as the GREATEST ENTERAINER IN THE WORLD, I never Tire of putting these words in print & never will, I shall remain a lifetime Fan & admirer till the end of my days. as I am approaching 80, this 7th January 2020 & DAME SHIRLEY 83 8th January 2020, we I am sure will still be celebrating
    till we reach [ OLD AGE ] 100. God willing.

    Dame Shirley is also one of the most loving & CARING human beings
    I was unfortunately ill a few months ago as you know with lung Cancer
    I received a HAND WRITTEN letter from her home in Monte Carlo wishing me well & her raising funds for Children’s & other Charities is so well known ,donating to Noah’s Ark & many more..
    The Freedom of her home city of Cardiff ,Was well overdue CONGRATULATIONS DAME SHIRLEY ,I am still FLYING WITH COLOURS , & being positive , God bless you.

    Dennis Jersey C.I


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