Dame Shirley Bassey at Wimbledon -2019-

Dame Shirley Bassey attends day 9 of the Wimbledon 2019 Tennis Championships at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club today on July 10, 2019 in London, England. She joined the Countess of Wessex in the royal box, as well as Dame Twiggy Lawson, Elaine Paige, Sir Michael Parkinson and celebrity gardener Alan Titchmars









8 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey at Wimbledon -2019-”

  1. Fantastic Pieter! So good to see these pictures of Shirley. Any idea who the guy is, who she is with? Thanks for posting these photos. RegardsAnnieSent from Samsung Mobile on O2

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  2. Thanks Pieter. Glad to see DSB Looking happy and lovely. I think the tall somewhat good looking gentleman she appears at certain event is with reminds her of her Sergio who’ll was very tall. Very lovely.

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    1. Why would she want to be reminded of Sergio? Is the guy her assistant like Andrew or a companion like Beau?


  3. Dame Shirley never ceases to amaze us without singing one note whatsoever nowadays! She looks absolutely stunning and relaxed. Her choice in casual clothing is very stylish: modern and colourful.
    She ages gracefully, charming and very naturally. Of course the latter with some surgical help in the face. But not in a freakish way some women, much younger than she is, look like after surgical treatment.
    Avec une grande accolade!

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