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4 thoughts on “PROGRAMME -1972-”

  1. Thank you Pieter. Very interesting archive. Brian Davey was a musical treasure. DSB was a very busy mad at during time. She looks very, very pretty. I have to catc up on more DSB music. Thank you very, very much Pieter.


  2. this programme is special to me as this was the first concerts I saw at the Royal Albert Hall & Portsmouth Guildhall , 2 shorter shows per night so easy to get home afterwards. My programme is now in the V & A with all of others. Brian Fahey was her MD then. I wrote to Shirley @ UNITED ARTIST RECORDS.. everyone laughed as apparently international artists do not write to boys, I had the last laugh when Shirley sent me a letter & signed photograph which I still have. The photo is from the `AND I love you so ` album

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  3. Saw Shirley at Portsmouth Guildhall, in the 70’s…..I had the feeling Brian Fahey was with her…took our Shanklin CC skipper too, and he was in tears at the end of the show….a wonderful evenIng, before we had to grab the last ferry back to the IOW.


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