In 1984 The Album I Am What I Am was released. A (digital) re-recording of Shirley Bassey most popular songs with the London Symphony Orchestra . Later there was a re release called This Is My Life.

Track Listing:

01. 2:56 – What Now My Love?
02. 3:28 – Something
03. 3:48 – As Long As He Needs Me
04. 3:37 – Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me
05. 3:00 – As I Love You
06. 1:59 – Big Spender
07. 3:52 – Send In The Clowns
08. 3:07 – I Am What I Am
09. 2:48 – Goldfinger
10. 2:51 – I (Who Have Nothing)
11. 4:12 – Natali
12. 4:31 – And I Love You So
13. 4:26 – Never, Never, Never
14. 2:33 – For All We Know
15. 3:51 – This Is My Life

Sleeve Note
From the original release, by Shirley Bassey

I am thrilled to have now been able to re-record the most important songs in my life, with some of the most talented people that I ever worked with. I hope my new album gives you many hours of listening pleasure.

The recording sessions took place at Olympic Studios, Barnes, London, in July & August 1984.



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natalie as i love you 1984 - reverse

5 thoughts on “COMMERCIAL FOR THE I AM WHAT I AM ALBUM -1984-”

  1. Certainly one of the best recordings Bassey ever did during her career!
    The production team was super: the sound of the recording was wonderfully warm.
    This album was made with people who cared.
    Here you could hear the riper voice of Bassey for the first time in full glory!

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  2. I often wonder why they kept saying it was ‘her first new album for 10 years’ All by Myself was only two years before and her final UA album was 1979 Magic is You only 5 years previously Sent from my Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 powered by Three

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  3. Just clever marketing purposes I guess.
    And it worked, the album sold very well where those other titles she did in the 80’s failed in that department.


  4. I did not enjoy how her voice sounded on this album, with the exception of Natali and As I Love You. I enjoyed the previous album much more (All By Myself). GownGuru

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