In 1966 Shirley Bassey recorded her first album for United Artists Records called I’ve Got A Song For You. (in the US the album was called Shirley Means Bassey) The album was recorded in the US.

1966 - I've Got A Song For You

1966 AR NMEBassey29thApril (blog)

Other releases that year:

Vinyl Single: The Liquidator/Sunshine
Vinyl Single: Don’t Take The Lovers From The World/Take Away
Vinyl Single: Who Could Love Me?/Give Him Your Love
Vinyl Single: Shirley/Who Could Love Me?
Demo recording for Oliver never released: He Lives In A World Of His Own? Who The Hell

1966 AS NMEBassey29thJuly (blog)

1966 C NMEBassey27thMayA3Cover (blog)

1966 CY (blog)

1966 BL

1966 BW RMBassey3rdSept (blog)

1966 BQ NMEBassey27thMay2

One thought on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 454 -1966-”

  1. Excellent archive Pieter. Sterling critiques for DSB. One regret I have, never seeing her perform live. Don’t Take The Lovers From The World is a very, very beautiful song. I also love the quirky way she sings her song “Shirley.” Beautiful album cover pictures and lovely video of a happy, au naturale DSB. Thanks very much Pieter.


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