Vinyl Single: The Impossible Dream/Do I Look Like A Fool
Vinyl Single: If You Go Away/Give Him Your Love
Vinyl Single: Big Spender/Dangerous Games

Vinyl Album/CD And We Were Lovers. Also released as: Big Spender
And We Were Lovers
Summer Wind
Somebody Like Me
It Must Be Him
Big Spender
The Impossible Dream
Dommage Dommage
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
If You Go Away
That’s Life

USA release of And We Were Lovers Contains an extra song:Walking Happy

Vinyl Single: (Italian release) If You Go Away/E’ Giorno

1967 AL NMEBassey9thDecPopPoll

1967 AO

1967 AE NMEBassey28thOct

1967 AN

1967 AB NMEBassey20thMay

1967 AC NMEBassey25thFeb

1967 AA NMEBassey18thFeb

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 455 -1967-”

  1. I have a 12″ single of Big Spender the 2007 remix – 1 of only 6 ever made white lableSent from my Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 powered by Three


  2. I never listen to “Big Spender.” Compared to the rest of her catalogue it is a novelty record. It was maddening when she’d insist on performing it twice in concert.


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