Commercial for The Show Must Go On

Today the commercial for the 1996 album The Show Must Go On. Below also a video from one of the songs of that fabulous album He Kills Everything sung for German TV on German TV on new years eve that same year. The song was used for a German TV Series called Die Gang. (special thanks to Susan for the clip of the commercial)


Chart Positions
Entered: Nov 09 1996
Highest: Albums: #47 Run: 8 weeks


9 thoughts on “Commercial for The Show Must Go On”

  1. I was so excited to get this CD. I paid an ungodly amount of $$$ to get it on ‘import’ here in Los Angeles. Worth every penny just for “All Woman” and “He Kills Everything” — the rest was gravy.

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    1. Gravy😀, what does that mean my friend. I was just thinking to download some of the songs or purchase the CD. I hope gravy means good my friend😀😀😀


  2. Shirley looked stunning this year, I remember, it was a good album, She opened her UK tour concerts in 1998 with Slave To The Rythmn, every night! That amazing song ‘He Kills Everything’ was only performed in Germany, such a shame, it never got performed on UK tours sadly, guess DSB was worried about the last high note.

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  3. Yes, gravy is good. It’s an expression that means the rest was like a rich, savory topping for an already delicious meat dish (i.e. gravy). The CD is very good.


  4. Hello everyone.
    I was trying to discover which songs from Show must go on Shirley sang live.
    But no answer at all.
    Can anybody help me. Thanks. Eddie.


    1. I only saw her singing live You ll see, Can I touch you, Slave to the rhytm, He kills…Only You ll see was in a real show in Egypt.


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