The year 1969 was a quiet year for Shirley compared to other years. She was enjoying her first year of marriage in Switzerland where she was now living as a tax exile for two years. To return to Great Britain in 1970 with her concert at The Talk Of The Town.

Single: Does Anybody Miss Me?/Now You Want To Be Loved
Vinyl Album: Does Anybody Miss Me?

Italian Release Vinyl Single: Com’è Piccolo Il Mondo/Piano (Softly As I Leave You)

Italian Release Vinyl Single: Concerto D’autunno’/(You Are) My Way Of Life

Vinyl Single: As I Love You/Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me

Vinyl Single: The Bus That Never Comes/Fa Fa Fa (Live For Today)

1969 AA (blog)

1969 AB

1969 AC

1969 AD

1969 AE

1969 AF

One thought on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 457 -1969-”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed this archive. Vocal recitation by the English girl Shirley Bassey. Interesting review by John Segraves. I know DSB knew Lena, and I am sure she would model some earlier performances after people she knew and admired such as Lena Horne, Dorothy Squires. I can just see the fumes if DSB read his critique. I am sure DSB took his feedback and may have made some professional adjustments to her cafe performances. Thanks Piet. 🐥


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