Commercial for Thank You For The Years -2003


Today I want to show you the tv. commercial that was made for the 2003 CD Thank You For The Years. The CD Thank You For The Years was compilation CD which also featured 6 new songs and was made in honour of Dame Shirley Bassey’s 50th. anniversary in show business. From the same year also a very nice article from the ‘Sunday Telegraph’ that I hope you will enjoy especially for the very beautiful pictures.

This is the sleeve note written by Dame Shirley:
The album Thank You For The Years is what the title suggests – it’s a celebration of my 50 years in the music business. It seems only yesterday when I signed my first professional contract in 1953 – singing in a touring variety show called “Memories of Jolson” and so much has happened since then that I can’t quite believe I’m still here – making music in a business which has changed so much since I first stepped into a recording studio.

But this is the why this album is so particularly special for me. It tracks a long and wonderful journey starting with six brand new songs recorded only this year and finishes right back where I started with my first ever single. I hope you like them as much as I do.

I thank everyone who has supported and enjoyed my work over the last 50 years. One thing is for sure it’s been one hell of a ride – and given the chance – I might just do it all over again!

Thank YOU for the years, love, Shirley Bassey

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