For today five random newspaper articles from 1975. In 1975 The album Good Bad But Beautiful was released and there was also the single Good Bad But Beautiful/Living.

Entered: Nov 01 1975
Highest: UK Album: #13 Run: 7 weeks

1975 E

1975 K

1975 N RMBassey22ndMarch

1975 O RMBasseyEOYTopUKAlbums

1975 P RMBassey5thJuly

Programme 1990 -Melbourne Hilton-

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Scan_20190310 (17)_stitch

“Best wishes to you all!”

She is an icon, a legend that delights fans worldwide, and supports the LGBT + community. My reverence and love! *(This video I made with love and it was approved for publication by her – the one and only …. my lovely Dame Shirley Bassey! Tender kisses from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and best wishes to all her fans around the world!).

Merry Christmas -2019-

A merry Christmas to everybody from the blog team. I hope you enjoy this fabulous performance from 2005 and the good news is the (occasional) performances are still great! Thank you Dame Shirley. A merry Christmas to you also on behalf of all your fans!