Dame Shirley Bassey on ITV’s Christmas Show

A fabulous looking and sounding Dame Shirley Bassey tonight on ITV’s Christmas Show.

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13 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey on ITV’s Christmas Show”

  1. 100% agree DAME SHIRLEY WAS MAGNIFICENT , I HAD GOOSE PIMPLES which I have had since following her FANTASTIC CAREER since the Late 1950’s.
    Dennis Jersey C.I

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  2. I stay in Indonesia for five months and I am so happy that you Pieter give us the oppertunity to watch this great Blog world wide! What an fantastic ITV Christmas Show!!! This Super Dame is really forever!! For everyone Merry Christmas and a peaceful and healthy 2020!!! And Pieter thanks for all you gave us is 2019!! What would we be without you !!

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  3. I second all of these thoughts about yesterday’s event, indeed AMAZING in every way..
    She looked and sounded superb!
    Proud to say that DSB belongs to my Yesterdays, Todays AND Tomorrows!

    Merry Everything and Happy Always to everyone who make this site and Board possible, and of course for all of us admirers!

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  4. Wow! – DSB was amazing, a real STAR and she sang so naturally, effortless ….what a great start to the festive season. Merry Xmas everyone! – Terry.

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