In 1976 the album Love Life and Feelings was released. Also that year the first series of 6 BBC shows was recorded and broadcast on BBC TV

Love, Life And Feelings: Entered: May 15 1976
Highest: UK Album: #13 Run: 5 weeks
USA Billboard Entered: 1976 Highest: Pop Albums: #149

Vinyl Single Natali/Runaway (Runaway was not included on the album)
Vinyl Single Can’t Take My Eyes Off You/Born To Lose

IMG (2)

1976 BT

1976 BD


1976 BV RMBassey17thApril

1976 BX

1976 BY

1976 BU RMBassey11thDec

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 464 -1976-”

    1. Thank you Pieter. I really enjoyed this archive, and it’s very interesting articles. Robert Paterson’s letter pretty much sums up DSB’s exemplary musical and entertainment talent. I have to say I enjoyed her T.V. broadcast with the exposure trouble the world and in different settings, as well as the funny and unique stunts. I wonder if DSB was really on board for some of them, being she could have been seriously injured attempting a few. Standing at the top of a oil rig😀😀😀.. What an adventure seeker DSB seemed to be during these broadcasts. Lastly, how can anyone criticize her beautiful rendition of NATALI. Thanks a lot Pieter.😀


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