Today five random newspaper articles from 1982. The first one is a concert review from a critic who obviously didn’t like her style.

Releases that year: Vinyl Album/CD Album All By Myself
(Also released as: Love Songs)

Vinyl Single: All By Myself/Only When I Laugh

Vinyl Single: All By Myself/We Don’t Cry Out Loud

Live Vinyl Album: Various Artists Sound Of Applause Live from Cannes, France
Shirley Bassey performs the following songs:
New York Medley
All By Myself
Finale (Medley) (together with all artists)

1982 AC

1982 AA

1982 AC

1982 AD

1982 AF

1982 AB

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 470 -1982-”

  1. This is the same JACK TINKER that gave a fantastic review some years later @ the Royal Festival Hall.. seeing both shows I disagree with him and I would if he had a valid point. The 1982 shows delayed due to illness were fantastic, opening with 2 nights at Brighton Centre and full reviews in the Evening Argus. I saw the second night and it was superb with a refreshed act including songs from the new LP `Love Songs` ( All By Myself` in other countries). I then was very lucky to see all 4 nights at the Albert Hall in the magnificent half trousers/half gown with headband (Douglas Darnell) creation. There was a scathing review in the London press. It seemed that they had run out of things to say. I then saw Shirley at Southampton and again she was great.

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