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Dame Shirley Bassey’s Gown Auction at Christies -2003-

Dame Shirley Bassey
LONDON – JULY 11: Singer Dame Shirley Bassey attends a photocall on July 11, 2003 in London. Bassey is in London to promote a forthcoming public auction of items from her wardrobe. The gala charity will be held on September 18th 2003. (Photo By Steve Finn/Getty Images)

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In 2003, the year Dame Shirley Bassey had been in show business for 50 years, a gown auction was held at Christie’s, where she sold 50 of her stage gowns. The money raised at the auction was to help build a children’s hospital in her hometown Cardiff. Here everything you ever wanted to know about the auction including some videos from TV and private videos made by Jean and her sister Audrey where you can really see all the beautiful details of the gowns. Gowns, that as Dame Shirley said, traveled the world. Very special thanks to them and to Jean Francois from New York for their contributions.

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Box Set Bassey – The EMI/UA Years 1959 – 1979
Contains the following previously unreleased songs
(1962) It Could Happen To You
(1962) It All Depends On You
(1964) My Child
(1965) Stay On The Island
(1966) The Boy From Ipanema
(1966) More
(1968) If He Walked Into My Life
(1968) Clown Town
(1971) Vehicle
(1972) Let Me Be The One
(1973) Everything I Own
(1976) Tomorrow Morning
(1976) My Man
(1976) Nature Boy
Video Release
Released on VCD Shirley Bassey Live in Cardiff
Recorded 1993
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