The year 1997 what a year it was . The year of her sixtieth birthday with lots of concerts, tv. performances and the recording of a live CD plus a big hit with the Propellerheads. Below a few newspaper articles from that year.

CD Single/Vinyl Single: History Repeating Includes various mixes of History Repeating (with The Propellerheads)

Various Artists CD Album Decksandrumsandrockandroll The Propellerheads Album, includes History Repeating (with The Propellerheads)

Live CD Album The Birthday Concert
UK Concerts from July 1997 celebrating Shirley’s 60th birthday

CALENDAR september -2020-

PROGRAMME 1965 -Australia-

Party at the palace-2002-

Dame Shirley Bassey performing at the Queen’ s jubilee in 2002