Nobody Does It Like Me

Nobody Does It Like Me 
Music written by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Dorothy Fields.

Released in 1974 on the album Nobody Does It Like Me. Live on The Birthday Concert in 1997 and from the same concert on The Diamond Collection. The studio version is available on CD on the collection Diamonds Are Forever. A live video recording has been released on Live In Concert – You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet and on the TV Show DVD A Special Lady.

This song is from the Broadway musical “Seesaw”. The premiere was on March 18th, 1973 in the Uris Theatre in New York, and the musical had 296 performances though the show never recouped its investment. “Seesaw” was a two-handed play about a kooky, loveable single girl and her relationship with a strait-laced lawyer. If You’re interested in the disastrous background of the production read Seesaw on the Dorothy Fields Website.

Another song performed by Shirley Bassey composed by the same duo is Big Spender.

A live version of Nobody Does It Like Me  (From the 1985 concert at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff)



If there’s a wrong way to do it
A wrong way to play it
Nobody does it like me

If there’s a wrong way to do it
A right way to screw it up
Nobody does it like me

I’ve got a big loud mouth
I’m always talking much to free
If you go for tact and manners
Better stay away from me
If there’s a wrong way to keep it cool
A right way to be a fool
Nobody does it like me

I hear a love song or ballad
I toss like a salad
Nobody tosses like me

And when my evenings get tougher
I just take two bufferin’
And drink a hot cup of tea
Last night I met an old acquaintance
At a fancy corner pub
He said: Come on, let’s have some supper
So he used my credit-club
If there’s a wrong way to take a guy
The worst way to make a guy
Nobody does it like me

If there’s a wrong bell, I ring it
A wrong note, I sing it
Nobody does it like me

If there’s a problem, I duck it
I don’t solve it, I just muck it up
Nobody does it like me

As though I try to be a lady
I’m no lady, I’m a frog
And when I talk like I’m a lady
What I sound like is a frog
If there’s a wrong way to get a guy
The right way to lose a guy
Nobody does it like me

Nobody does it No, nobody does it 
Nobody does it like me
Nobody does it like me

(Transcribed by David and Roman)

7 thoughts on “Nobody Does It Like Me”

  1. Very interesting background on this tongue-in-cheek song. I’m surprised the play didn’t recoup it’s investment with two excellent well known actors. DSB is always very witty and entertaining performing this fun song. Thanks a lot Pieter. 😀


  2. Not one of my favorites. But I love the album. Some of her best vocal performances — “Davy”, ” Morning In Your Eyes”, “All That Love Went To Waste.”


  3. Hi. I was wondering if anyone could give some ideas on what records I should be looking for! I am very new fan and already purchased Dame Shirley’s last 2 cd! But, I don’t know where to start when it comes to her LP’S and other cds! Any help would greatly appreciated! Thank you! Have a blessed day…


  4. I would suggest `BASSEY the Emi/UA years 1959-1979`. This was a boxed set issued circa 1994.. reissued in a cheaper format later on. It is a really good selection and includes (at the time some previously unreleased songs including a bonus Co of her Carnegie Hall 1964 concert.) . Thee are so many. I would otherwise stick to albums as originally issued as there are so many compilations often reissued many times under different titles. BGO records see website has done this combining LPS but sometimes adding tracks. As with other artists, sometimes the same opinion is repeated and taken as a truth. I do not believe that a real admirer of this incomparable artist could like every single recording/song. I dislike the word fan personally. Many tracks are obscure or not available or have never been on CDS. There are Italian recordings (see YOU TUBE) The 1989 Spanish CD `LA MUHER`, `Live In Japan` double LP 1974 and double LP 1977 . A short association with Towerbell records, resulted in now seemingly `lost` recordings some issued on singles including the brillant, `Sometimes` etc. I think there have been some mistakes and may not be the artists fault, in some cases, notably the truly awful `JAMES BOND ALBUM` , which Shirley successfully had withdrawn, imagine hearing these songs associated with huge and memorable orchestrations with a synthesiser. Shirley`s voice is fine. I was lucky to see her `live` many times from 1972-2006. Almost without exception it was a wonderful experience. Rarely, an audience was unresponsive to the level you expect but there were so many moments when Shirley went into a higher level of performance and we were the recipients of the magic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for replying! I’ll let you know everything I end up getting! Have a wonderful day! 😊


  5. I meant to add, If I had to choose just one complete original album then `LOVE,LIFE & FEELINGS` 1976 would be my choice but then it does include` `Natalie,` `Born To Lose` and `If I Never Sing Another Song`

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is the one I’ve thinking about buying! I can’t wait to hear her on an lp! I got a couple of old concert programs ,so far! I appreciate your reply and I’m definitely get it! I’ll keep you updated! Thanks again! 😊


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