PROGRAMME 1959 -Blue Magic-

Today another programme from Blue Magic as there are several

3 thoughts on “PROGRAMME 1959 -Blue Magic-”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I would loved to have seen this Review. DSB was really getting lots of musical performance experience. Are some of these songs on her albums? I also enjoyed the other interesting adds. Thanks Pieter.


  2. I first met Shirley when she was appearing at the Prince of Wales Theatre in Blue Magic; my husband was the Stage manager for this show Ron Richards, ,and I, as I was pregnant, was the dancer’s dresser!!! I was a dancer too!! Shirley bought us the most beautiful baby present; a whole layette from Lindy Ruth in Baker Street!! My husband, Ricky, was also the straight man for Tommy Cooper who also starred in the show. Have always loved her talent & her voice & musicality. I now live in France so am not so far away from her???? Would love to be in touch. Is this possible?? Best wishes to you all Joy LORCERY


  3. Another meeting was in 1961 at the Royal Variety Show, also at the Prince of Wales theatre, I was in the Crazy Gang Show at the Victoria palace;we had the honour of being asked to play an extract from the shox. Shirley too was on the bill; her act was just before our spot!!Ricky was also working as Stage manager for that too.


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