Helena Shenel

Michael Dore & Helena Shenel

It is with the greatest sadness to say that HELENA SHENEL, Dame Shirley Bassey’s vocal coach passed away last Thurday at the age of 89. She was one of the greatest and most respected singing teachers in the world and helped so many international stars for over 30 years.

Dame Shirley: ‘Helena Shenel gave me back the voice I thought I had lost. She gave me high notes and a falsetto I never knew I had and above all she gave me confidence. I can’t often get to see Helena, but always have her tapes – they are my lifeline!’

For six months I couldn’t sing at all.  I just worked with Helena doing these vocal exercises strengthening my vocal cords, and after the year she said, ‘Do you know, I’ve discovered you’ve got another octave that you never use. I’ve never heard you sing that high!’ ‘And she did my spirit the world of good and my soul and I thank her’.

Dame Shirley with Helena and her sisters Marina and Iris