Today a short clip from German tv from 1972. Shirley Bassey arrived on Berlin airport that year to record her special All About Shirley which was a co production of the German TV with the BBC. Here you can see a few minutes of never seen before footage of Shirley in rehearsal. Musical director Brian Fahey.

Shirley with her husband Sergio Novak and her musical director Brian Fahey

3 thoughts on “SHIRLEY ON THE GERMAN NEWS -1972-”

  1. I enjoyed this short video Pieter. DSB sounds lovely singing Love Story and looks beautiful in her pretty good gown. I love the fun picture of her and Sergio teasing her musical director Brian Fahey. Thanks a lot Pieter.

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  2. I still remember this great show like yesterday !!! A very temperamental Shirley Bassey who did everything possible to make it a perfect show !! The very sexy, silver gown that she also wore during this show made a deep impression on me as well as the impressively sung song “Excuse Me” !!! Beautiful memories !! Thanks Pieter! 💝


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