Duets # 1

After all the exciting new videos we had lately we now will continue with the regular blog which means also the duets. Since there were a few new duets on the Anthony Newley show and we had not gotten very far into the about 50 duets Dame Shirley Bassey did, I think it would be best to start again from the top but we will move fast forward to get back on track. So here is the first one again. The next one tomorrow!

Today the first duet. Actually Shirley Bassey’s first ever demo recording WAS a duet. Recorded in  1954 called By The Light Of The Silvery Moon with comedian Eddie Reindeer.
The record was played on Shirley’s first This Is Your Life in 1972.

Also below some newspaper articles from 1956 which are interesting to read which are the earliest newspaper articles of Dame Shirley.

Dame Shirley Bassey with daughter Sharon and husband Sergio Novak on the 1972 This Is Your Life show