Duets # 15



For this blog we have the duet from the 1972 Rolf Harris show: The Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood duet Did you ever? From the DVD ‘On TV Shirley Bassey’.  

About the dress Dame Shirley Bassey wears for this performance designed by Doug Darnell. Description & Notes A two-piece evening ensemble comprising: a full-length sleeveless gown of ivory silk, the plunging neckline and back of the bodice richly decorated with Swarovski blue zircon and clear crystals in a foliate design, labelled inside Modele Originel Darnell of London; and matching short jacket with three-quarter length sleeves fastening at the back, similarly decorated at the neckline; and – a short-sleeved empire line stage gown of ivory satin, the scoop neck, bodice, sleeves and lower skirt richly embroidered with Swarovski topaz and clear crystals, black beads and sequins, gold sequins and imitation pearls in Ottoman-style flowerheads. The empire line gown in this lot was worn on stage by Dame Shirley for a Royal Command Performance in the late 1950s. Final price at the Christie’s 2003 Gown Auction £2,800

2 thoughts on “Duets # 15”

  1. When i hear the names of N Sinatra and Hazlewood i think of their legendary duet of summer wine, Dame Shirley and Rolf Harris doing this song would have been something!

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  2. What a beautiful gown Doug Darnell designed for DSB. Was DSB pregnant at this time? The front of the gown looked like it was protruding a little. I remember DSB was pregnant while married to Sergio but had miscarried. What a funny and entertaining duet. Thanks a lot Pieter for this very interesting archive.


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