On May 13, 2010 Dame Shirley Bassey performs during the 21st birthday celebration of the Rain-forest Fund at Carnegie Hall in New York.  In June she was at the White Tie & Tiara Ball. Also that year the documentary The Real Shirley Bassey was on tv. and a biography was released by John Williams called Miss Shirley Bassey. BGO re-released 2 of her best albums from the early seventies remastered on CD: I Capricorn  & And I Love You So.

One thought on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 498 -2010-”

  1. Very interesting archive Pieter. I have John William’s book. I read that Michael Sullivan would slap DSB but I didn’t recall others being given the right to do so. Interesting info about DSB’S mother and her two husbands. Many times a person only knows and repeats what they have seen even in DSB’S case with her husbands. I would loved to have been at the Rain Forest gala event. Thanks a lot Pieter.


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