In the year 2011 Dame Shirley Bassey attended the Scottish Fashion Awards. There was a memorial for John Barry at the Royal Albert Hall, she visited Ascott and the TV. film SHIRLEY with Ruth Negga as Shirley was released and the there was the naming of the P&O cruise ship the Adonia.

Programme -2000-

This is not really a concert programme from Dame Shirley Bassey but from the Royal Festival Hall from the year 2000

Duets # 16

Today Dame Shirley’s duet ‘Big spender’ with Florence Desmond on her first ‘This is your life Show’ from 1972. (Special thanks to Audrey for the great newpaper clippings from the George Webb collection)


On May 13, 2010 Dame Shirley Bassey performs during the 21st birthday celebration of the Rain-forest Fund at Carnegie Hall in New York.  In June she was at the White Tie & Tiara Ball. Also that year the documentary The Real Shirley Bassey was on tv. and a biography was released by John Williams called Miss Shirley Bassey. BGO re-released 2 of her best albums from the early seventies remastered on CD: I Capricorn  & And I Love You So.