Duets # 23

Today we review the wonderful duet Shirley Bassey did with Les Dawson on her 1979 BBC show. Song: A Couple Of Swells which was originally a duet by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.  

We’re a couple of swells
We stop at the best hotels
But we prefer the country far
Away from the city smells

We’re a couple of sports
The pride of the tennis courts
In June, July and August we look cute
When we’re dressed in shorts

The Vanderbilt’s
Have asked us up for tea
We don’t know how to get there
No sire, no sire

We would drive up the Avenue
But we haven’t got the price
We would skate up the Avenue
But there isn’t any ice

We would ride on a bicycle
But we haven’t got a bike
So we’ll walk up the Avenue
Yes, we’ll walk up the Avenue
Yes we’ll walk up the Avenue’s till we’re there,
Till we’re there.

A picture of Shirley and Les when she was a guest at his show in 1989

CLICK HERE for an article from Wales Online about Les Dawson.

A funny cutout of the article: This exposure led to television specials with Cilla and Lulu. Shirley Bassey adored Les, but Joan Collins did not. She failed to appreciate that the out-of-tune piano playing was a deliberate joke. ‘How can they let him play live on air?’ she asked. That says a lot about Joan Collins.

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