The year 2020 was a significant year in Dame Shirley Bassey’s career with the recording and release of her latest album I Owe It All To You. Below an article from Music. Also I was wondering what would be the most popular songs on the album so I looked at the views on YouTube. You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet is the most viewed clip. You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet is the only song that had a video.

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 508 -2020-”

  1. Almost every day I listen to this fantastic album! For me every song is a jewel but my special favoriet is “I was here”…. She build the song up in such a great way, with so many intention, Super!!
    Dame Shirley Bassey… for me still the best!!

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  2. I just ordered it from Amazon (I’m a new Dame Shirley fan… Thank you God, for leading me to her)! I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to get here! Listening/watching Dame Shirley Bassey has become a daily habit! I would rather watch her concerts than anything else on the television! The more I watch them… THE BETTER AND BETTER THEY GET (usually opposite, right). Forever GRATEFUL for her! Blessings

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  3. It is a very beautiful well produced album. DSB sings beautifully. Some of my favorites are, I Don’t Know What Love Is, Adagio, I Was Here, You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet, Look But Don’t Touch, and Maybe This Time. Really the entire album is a real treasure of lovely music. Thanks Pieter 😃


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