Today the start of a new series from the archive. Due to technical problems it is very difficult to post at the moment so that is why this is a very simple post.

5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 509 -1955-”

  1. Great Start Pieter to a NEW series look forward to catching the Rest I was 15 when Dame Shirley was 18 pictured here in 1955 .
    Now at 82 my next BIRTHDAY on the 7th of JANUARY , & Dame Shirley
    85 on the 8th I have been so LUCKY to have been part of THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD her FANTASTIC career for over 65 YEARS

    Dennis [ Jersey Channel Islands }
    P.S I am Doing a SPONSORED CHARITY HAIRCUT for VARIETY the Children’s CHARITY Dame Shirley as Sent me her Best Wishes for my latest venture with My JUST GIVING PAGE on Facebook as my last HAIRCUT was February 2020 due to having Lung Cancer I was Highly Vulnerable, at now 81 I HAVE REMAINED POSITIVE so thought I could help others , I have Just past £1000 in Sponsorships .

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